CP Holiday Train is Coming to North Park / Richmond Heights! And we are so excited!

This is a fantastic free event for the whole family! 

The train will  be stopped on the 7th Avenue over pass from 8:45 - 9:30 and will feature live music from Devin Cuddy And Kelly Prescott! The show will be OPEN ON THE SOUTH SIDE OF THE OVERPASS

City Perks will also be out with treats!


There will be lots of traffic. Please be patient and walk if you can to relieve some congestion. Affinity Credit Union on 7th has opened their parking lot to the public for the evening. Lots will be parking on the street in our neighborhood. Its for a great cause and only a short amount of time  - so please be neighborly and patient. 

The concert is free by but they accepting food bank donation and we encourage everyone to give generously.