Happy back to school season everyone! 

As the little and not-so-little ones head back to school this season, we would like to remind everyone that school zones ARE NOW IN EFFECT! 

We have two schools in our Neighborhood that will be heading back to school this week, so please watch for increased traffic (pedestrian, bicycle, vehicle). We want all our loved ones to get to their destination safely. 

What you need to know:
  • The 30 kph speed limit is in effect from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, September to June – including statutory holidays.
  • School zones are marked by reflective, fluorescent yellow-green signs.
  • School zones begin at the 30 kph sign and end at a sign indicating a greater speed limit (normally 50 kph
  • The penalty for speeding in a school zone is the same as any other speeding offence. You would be fined for the offence and penalized three SGI demerit points.

Also, please be mindful of school buses as we have several children that are picked up and dropped off at various locations.  

When approaching a bus that has its stop arm out and its flashing lights activated, as a driver:
  • You must stop no closer than 5 m (15 ft.) from the front or back of the bus.
  • You must not advance your vehicle until the bus driver turns off the flashing red stop lamps and deactivates the stop arm.
  • Before moving, check to see that all children have safely crossed the roadway.
Passing a school bus with flashing lights is a serious offence and will result in a minimum fine of $335. You do not have to stop for a school bus if you are travelling in the opposite direction on a divided highway. Some cities, towns and villages may have a bylaw prohibiting the use of flashing red stop lamps and stop arms on school buses. In those communities you are allowed to pass the bus. Drivers are not required to stop for buses displaying four-way hazard lamps; however, use caution, go slowly and always watch for children crossing.

Take care out there!