A buck a tweet!

Did someone do something nice for you? Did your neighbour bring in your garbage bun while you were on vacation? Did your neighbour put on an amazing christmas light display? Or did someone just go out of their way to do a nice thing and you don't know how to thank them?

We're bringing back "the old fashioned way" to do things. A thank you note; an analog tweet if you will. 

How it works:

  1.  You recognize a good deed
  2. Send in your "tweet"  and a buck to Teresa Dyer 1676 alexandra avenue S7K 3C3
    ( you can also email nprh.ads@gmail.com your tweet and IOU us!)
  3.  We publish it in the newsletter and the good Samaritan receives fame and fortune

What's the dollar for? A little donation to future community events and projects. 

We hope this project will bring a little good will towards neighbours and gives us (and you) a chance to brighten someone's day. Also, a little nostalgia from back in a time when if your name made it in the paper, your mom cut it out, laminated it and stuck it to the fridge.