We care.

We care about our community. 

North Park Richmond Heights is special neighbourhood with great people, parks and spirit. These are all easily attributed to the community engagement and care that we see every season by community members tending their gardens, kids enjoying the playgrounds or one neighbor clearing another’s sidewalk from snow. Many of us have experienced and enjoyed the kindness and pride that resonates throughout our community.

Unfortunately, something else that many of us have in common is being subject to property damage or theft. While we cannot stop this from happening altogether, we can each work towards minimizing future occurrences. Some of us might feel that it’s not worth reporting because the value involved is small, or think that reporting is ineffective but outside of locking doors, reporting is our greatest and most effective tool. Reporting everything including graffiti, car break-in’s and garage content theft offers both data and awareness for police services and community members. 

The North Park Richmond Heights Community Association is offering our community members a simple but effective tool to help us minimize property crime and maintain the safe surroundings we all enjoy - a sticker with important contact information. Please accept this sticker and display it somewhere obvious for your own use and for others to reference. Report – because you care.


DIDN'T GET A STICKER?!?! We ran out. Sorry! If you would like one, please email nprh.ads@gmail.com. We would love to get you one!