Community Clean

Community Clean up day

IN may we had some AMAZING volunteers participate in community clean up day

They hit the alleys, parks and other common spaces to pick up garbage, general refuse, and cleaned up some graffiti. 

NPRH is a unique community full of amazing neighbor both new and " I remember when.... ." neighbors. We're all proud to be here and we're proud of all the volunteers who take such great pride. 

With Summer around the corner and the warm temperatures already here it a great opportunity to find the little areas that could use a little clean. Help us out by picking up trash you see (in the street, parks, ally's), reporting an biohazards to the Health Authority and REPORT THE GRAFFITI

WE would love to see your photos of you and your family enjoying the neighborhood. You could be immortalized in the widely distributed NPRH newsletter and featured on our website.