Fall 2019 Program Registration and AGM


Online Registration is open from September 1st to September 11th.

In Person Registration will be September 11th, 6:00-7:00pm, North Park Wilson School Staff Room. 

The Community Association AGM will start at 7pm (also in the Staff Room). Bring your ideas, feedback or willingness to volunteer and join us at the AGM! - Note: AGM will be rescheduled to October 16 as we did not have enough people attend the Sept.11 meeting to meet quorum.

Reminder: Programs may be cancelled if an insufficient number of registrations are received by September 11th to allow the program to proceed.  Please register early!  A fee of $10 will apply to late registrations after September 11th.

A separate community association membership (NPRHCA or other) is no longer required for participation in our programs!

To see our complete program list and to register click here.

In an effort to ensure everyone who wants to participate in a program can, the NPRH Community Association offers cost-as-a-barrier assistance to those facing financial hardships.  To inquire/apply, please contact our Indoor Coordinating Team at nprh.programs@gmail.com or 306-500-8234.  All inquiries are kept confidential.