Fall 2019 Programs

Online Registration Starts  September 1st

In Person Registration will be Wednesday September 11th, 6:00-7:00 pm, North Park Wilson School Staff Room. 

Programs may be cancelled if an insufficient number of registrations are received by September 11th to allow the program to proceed.  Please register early!  A fee of $10 will apply to late registrations after September 11th.

A separate community association membership (NPRHCA or other) is no longer required for participation in our programs!


Fall 2019 Program Descriptions

Basketball skills for Girls - Free!

Instructed by Melissa Meacham, Female Athlete of the Year St. Lawrence College (2006) and member of Team Ontario Women’s Basketball Team (2011). This program will help girls develop the skills of passing, catching, dribbling, shooting, and the confidence to use these skills as a positive team member. This program is provided FREE with funding provided by City of Saskatoon Community Development.

  • Girls ages 11-14: FREE

  • Location: North Park Wilson School Gym

  • Time: Tuesdays 7:30-8:30pm, Sep. 24 to Nov. 26 (10 classes)

  • Registration will be limited to 20 participants

Parent & Tot Movers & Shakers

Get your little one moving! Join us as we practice the fundamental skills of throwing, agility, coordination and teamwork in a fun, adaptive and inclusive setting. Instructed by Kelsey, Athletics Canada certified in Run Jump Throw for children.

  • Ages 2-4 (caregiver participation required): $35

  • Location: Ecole St. Paul Gym (Edward Avenue Entrance)

  • Time: Tuesday 6:00-6:45 pm, Sep. 24 to Nov. 12 (8 classes)

  • Registration will be limited to 12 children


Shotokan karate is a Japanese martial art with roots stemming from Okinawa.  It is the most wide spread form of karate with clubs located all around the world.  Shotokan karate is primarily an empty handed striking and kicking martial art; however, take-downs and throws are also included in the system’s repertoire.  Shotokan karate can be classified as a number of things including: an effective system of self-defense; an avenue for competition; a healthy form of exercise; a performing art; a method of physical education (great for cross training); and, a great method for controlling tension/stress. Shotokan karate is a great activity for both young and old, and an activity that can include the entire family.  Bare feet and comfortable clothing are suggested for this program.

FAMILY/BEGINNER KARATE - For those new to Karate or looking for a workout for the whole family to enjoy.

  • Ages 6-15: $75, Ages 16+: $95

  • Location: Ecole St. Paul Gym (Edward Ave Entrance)

  • Time: Mondays & Fridays 7-8pm, Sep. 16 to Nov. 29 (17 classes), no classes Oct. 11 & 14, Nov. 8, 11 & 25

ADVANCED KARATE - For the more seasoned participant.

  • Ages 6-15: $75, Ages 16+: $95

  • Location: Ecole St. Paul Gym (Edward Ave Entrance)

  • Time: Mondays & Fridays 8-9pm, Sep. 16 to Nov. 29 (17 classes), no classes Oct. 11 & 14, Nov. 8, 11 & 25

Muscle sculpting with andrea from pave fitness

This class focuses on strengthening and conditioning the upper/lower body and core region.  Balance and stability is also incorporated.  All workouts are thoroughly designed with proper progressions.  There is modification and advancements made for each exercise to fit each fitness level.  Various equipment is used including - body weight, dumbbells, benches, medicine balls and more!  All fitness levels welcome! 

  • Ages 13+: $45

  • Location: Ecole St. Paul Gym (Edward Ave Entrance)

  • Time: Mondays 6-7pm, Sep. 16 to Nov. 18 (8 classes), no classes Oct. 14, Nov. 11

bellyfit with caralee

Do you love to Dance?  Do you love Yoga and Pilates?  Do you want to feel empowered and strong?  Then Bellyfit is the perfect class for you!  With its perfect blend of Dance, Fitness & Yoga inspired moves, this class is intelligently designed for the female body specifically working to help strengthen and support the muscles of the pelvic floor.  Set to a soundtrack of booty shaking beats and ambient tracks to set the mood, you'll get a beautifully compact 60 minutes of holistic fitness.

40 minutes of stress reducing cardio dance, and 20 minutes of Pilates & Yoga inspired work with stretching and Meditation.  Please bring your own yoga mat. Light athletic shoes recommended.

  • Ages 16+: $55

  • Location: Ecole St. Paul Gym (Edward Ave Entrance)

  • Time: Wednesdays 7-8pm, Sep. 25 to Nov. 27 (10 classes)

Yoga with Christine

A multilevel Vinyasa Yoga class, guiding participants through a variety of postures.  Options are made available to ensure that everyone finds a safe and comfortable space to breathe and stretch together.  The class is a combination of movement through upright poses, ground work, and always closing with a relaxation component.  All are welcome.  Please bring your own mat. 

  • Ages 13+: $55

  • Location: Ecole St. Paul Gym (Edward Ave Entrance)

  • Time: Thursdays 6-7pm, Sep. 26 to Dec. 5 (10 classes), no class Oct. 31

Drawing with Pencil

Professional artist Brooklyn Hill will guide you through the basic drawing concepts required to finish a still life drawing, using a simple mechanical pencil.  Program includes:

  • How to draw an outline when it comes to faces/landscapes/animals

  • How to start once your outline is drawn

  • How to direct your drawing to a specific location (focal point)

  • The difference between a soft and hard shade and when to use them

  • How to draw realistic features, and/or a 3D object

  • Building skin, fur, hair and plant texture in a drawing

  • How to build depth and contrast in a drawing; how to build depth and darkness without getting a shine

Participants to provide their own materials.  A list will be provided after registration.

  • Ages 13+: $30

  • Location: North Park Wilson School Library

  • Time: Thursdays 7-8pm, Sep. 26 to Nov. 28 (8 classes)

  • Registration will be limited to 10 participants

Open Badminton

Open gym time for pick-up games of badminton.  Everyone welcome!  Please bring your own racket and birdies.

  • Ages 13+: $15

  • Location: North Park Wilson School Gym

  • Time: Tuesdays & Thursdays 8:30-10pm, Sep. 17 to Nov. 28 (20 classes), no classes Oct. 17 & 31

Programs Still in Development - Info to Follow:


The course is aimed at youth interested in taking responsibility for younger children. Content includes safety practices, child care basics, introductory first aid and activities to try. Hands-on participation and skill development are the focus. This program will be presented by St. John’s Ambulance. Ages 11-16

home alone

Designed to provide children with the necessary skills and knowledge to be safe and responsible when home alone for short periods of time. It will help them understand how to prevent problems, handle real-life situations, and keep them safe and constructively occupied. This program will be presented by St. John’s Ambulance. Ages 10+

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Do you have questions/suggestions about programs, or an interest in being an instructor?  Email us at nprh.programs@gmail.com or call 306-500-8234.

We try to keep this webpage up to date.  Please also refer to our Facebook page www.facebook.com/nprhca for last minute changes and more information.


In an effort to ensure everyone who wants to participate in a program can, the NPRH Community Association offers cost-as-a-barrier assistance to residents of North Park & Richmond Heights who may be facing financial hardships.  To inquire/apply, please contact our Indoor Coordinating Team at nprh.programs@gmail.com or 306-500-8234.  All inquiries are kept confidential. 

Kidsport and Jumpstart may also be sources for assistance.